Automatic adverse event monitoring.

Collect, review and report mentions of adverse events, active substances and drug names on all social media platforms.

Run your online communication stress-free with Omoler – 24/7 AI-powered system.

We will make sure that you get notified anytime there is a mention of an adverse event, drug name, active substance (or anything not permitted by your SOPs or regulation).

So how does Omoler work?

1. Collect

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All of the social media comments are automatically monitored and saved (these include Facebook / Twitter / Youtube or anything else, even your webpage).

2. Review

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Our AI-powered screening engine reviews every comment and searches for matches with the information from drug name databases, active substance databases and package leaflets descriptions of adverse events.

3. Report

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Any comment with a sufficient match is flagged for a review and then, a report of all of the flagged comments is provided to our users (typically once a day but the frequency can be adjusted according to individual preference).

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Who can benefit from using Omoler?

  • The Product/Brand Managers

    Independently manage your campaign without needing any external support. Simplify your communication with your drug safety managers and see what information is shared across your channels' comments in regards to your (or competition's) products.

  • Drug Safety Managers

    No more reliance on inputs from third parties while simplifying the workflow by finding everything needed in one place! Make sure that you only visit when necessary with real time notifications and status reports.

  • Managers in the HQ

    Unify your reviewing processes throughout therapeutic areas and even countries while maintaining an overview of how each individual social network, area, country, etc. is performing. Be able to spot trends in customer behaviour in particular location and track your reputation!

  • Smaller understaffed teams

    Juggling multiple social networks or heavily discussed topics? Or maybe you are just lacking a dedicated person to manage comment sections. With Omoler, you can optimise your time while always being up-to-date!

  • Teams

    Simplify the cooperation within your team or cross-team by synchronising your workflows and processes while dividing and executing tasks. With Omoler, you can easily view which team members already took care of the tasks and which tasks still remain.

What does it look like?

We know that awareness campaigns can attract unwanted user interactions, be it comments about adverse events, user-specific experiences with particular drugs and treatments or even active substances.

As a company that monitors social media on the behalf of our clients, we have been dealing with these comments for a while and we figured, that there must be a better way to approach the reviewing process as a whole.

We used our experience and extended knowledge to develop Omoler, to improve our internal workflow – speed up the response time as well as simplify the reviewing itself. We have also created a dedicated platform where all of the social media comments (Facebook, Youtube ...) are gathered, processed and flagged based on their content.

This way, our users can have everything in one place, without any extra logins into their personal accounts. We were able to shorten the time required for reviewing from 3+ hours to about 15-30 minutes per day.

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Custom solution tailored to your needs


Individual price / Month
  • Unlimited number of social networks / pages

  • Summary of the data collected in time

  • Reports company name, active substances, drug name and any specific words you would like to have reported

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